tv taught me how to feel
now real life has no appeal...

Gabriel Perez by Jimmy Backius.

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Artist: -翎子-

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Hey! I made a spooky ghost for you guys! 

It’s transparent!

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Caryl Reunion.

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ETERNAL SUMMER Free! Chibi Set - Taylor Stevens 

Done in 5x7 prints, not yet available online. 

Finally got around to putting these online! No surprise, Nagisa and Makoto are my fav, and definitely my baes. Right now, the only way they can be purchased is at any Cons we’ll be at this year, and next!

Ten Count

Ozzy got into the sparkles! Galaxy cat! #cats

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Another Anime Convention 2014 Cosplay Photography

More at:

S. Earle (Swimninja) Cosplay on Facebook

As in, of the ones pictured here too, probably. Check it out!

Please let me know if you’re in the picture and I will try to update it with a link to your blog!

(Also, add me if you want too! I love making friends. ; u ; )

If you use any of the pictures, please, please, credit either my tumblr blog or fb page. Thanks!

Part 1: HERE

Part 2: This is it!

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

"How many cats do you even have?" I’m sure everyone is asking. #cats

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Lovely Cas wearing out bow! So pretty! #supernatural #cosplay #AAC

Only two bags left! Come get them quick before they gone! #AAC

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